Monday, June 18, 2012

We have a second floor!!

My PM texted me today to let me know that we have a second floor! They also scheduled a crane to come out tomorrow to so that they can start on the trusses for the roof! Finally some progress! They also framed the second floor for both of the houses across the street. I think they are trying to keep us on the same schedule so they only have to have the crane come out once. Makes sense but I’m still going to be a big baby and say it’s not fair! We bought our house first and ours should be done first! I feel like that’s what’s been causing all of the hold-ups. They keep going back and forth between the three houses.

I think I'm going to have to copy Thomas and start a night watch! While my husband and I were walking around the second floor of our house checking everything out, we kept hearing loud thudding noises.  I seriously thought we had stepped in the wrong place and that our framing was collapsing on the first floor! It turns out that our neighbors had their nephews over. The two of them were picking up the huge clumps of rock and dirt from our yard and throwing them at the side of our house and through the hole for the fireplace! I was ENRAGED but I did a good job keeping my cool. I stuck my head out the window of the second floor bedroom and saw the kid holding a GIGANTIC clump of rock and dirt. I calmly asked him if he was throwing rocks at my house and he dropped it and said no and blamed it on his brother. Seriously? I'm not stupid. I'm surprised they stuck around long enough for both my husband and I to come downstairs to have a talk with them. They were probably both under the age of 10 but still old enough to know better. I told them that they were throwing rocks at my house and that I didn't think it was very nice. I asked them nicely if they could please stop. One of them didn't even acknowledge me. Their father walked out to check on them and I let him know what was going on. He was super nice and apologized and told the kids they were in trouble and made them go inside. A few minutes later, my neighbor - their aunt - came over and apologized. She said the boys were both standing in a corner in time-out. She even offered to pick up the rocks they had thrown in the house. We told her that we had already done so and that we appreciated her coming over. The situation was handled very nicely. I'm just super sad that someone would want to "hurt" my house, especially after the first incident we had - if you don't know what I'm referring to - click here.

Now for the good stuff - PICTURES! Warning: There are TONS!

We can finally take a straight-on picture without our showers and bath tub blocking the front of the house in the yard! The staircase you see through the front door is actually our basement stairs propped up.

They installed our stairs. Last week they had the basement stairs installed in this space instead of the correct ones. I have no idea why! The stairs on the left are our basement stairs propped up.

Left side of the house - hole is for the fireplace

Back of the house - obviously! The medium sized window is above our garden tub and the tiny window is in our "water closet" 

So glad we got the service door on the back of our garage!
Looking into bedroom #2 from the hallway. This is the biggest of the 3 "spare" bedrooms
Closet for bedroom #2 - you can see all the way through to the other side of the house, into the master bedroom in this pic.

Looking into bedroom #3 from the hallway.

Closet for bedroom #3

Looking into bedroom #4 from the hallway. This is the smallest of the 3 "spare" bedrooms. This will be my husband's music room.

Hall bathroom - the bathtub isn't in the correct location yet. They just need to turn it.

Looking into the master bedroom from the hallway. The wide doorway is for our french doors! We also have a "hallway" that leads into the actual bedoom.

Master Bedroom looking from the entryway of the bedroom. I really wish there was a second window on the side wall. It is there in the model but wasn't even an option for us.

Master bathroom. This will also have french doors. The double vanities will be on the right, then the bathtub, then the shower. Our "water closet" is just past the shower.
"Water closet" and linen closet for the master bathroom. View is from the hallway.
This is hanging on the wall of the master bathroom.

His and Hers walk-in closets!! You can see both in this picture but there is a wall separating them.

Looking down into the foyer. The basement stairs are blocking the shot!

Another view of foyer from upstairs hallway.

Looking from the far wall of the master bedroom into the rest of the second floor.

Looking from bedroom #3 into the rest of the second floor.

Neighbors across the street. They both have 3-car garages and I'm jealous! We are the last three to build on our street. That means no construction once we move in!


  1. Yea for progress! So exciting! And did you get those kids' names? Were they the concrete vandals?

    1. It wasn't them, lol. They live in North Carolina. Besides, they were too young to "write" as nicely as the vandals did in the concrete.

  2. Your going to have a huge house! I am sure that is nice to walk on the second floor finally too! I only have a 2 car garage too (first world problem) so I want to get a shed, but there may be some HOA "negotiations" o.0

    Make sure you have some foodz for the night during your watch. Hooligans seem to be numerous!

    Young kids will be dumb like that though :-\ At least you caught it early and the parents handled it well.

    1. I would have done anything for a 3-car garage! Our house was too wide to fit one on our lot though =( I guess that could also be a good problem to have.

      I'm lucky like you and I have a microwave at the house! Frozen burritos, here I come!

  3. Looks like they made lots of progress. So glad to see that there moving the project along. Looks like its going to be a great house!

  4. We opted to keep the 2 car and not upgrade to the 3 card garage. We have so little usable backyard, it would have pushed our house back a lot. So we had to make the call whether we wanted back yard or extra garage. Our next door neighbor is a week behind us, and their house is pushed back considerably to account for their three car. So for us, I think we made a good decision. Oh and I LOVE the his and hers walk in closets-huge selling point for me. :)

  5. Crazy exciting! And keep those nasty kids away!

  6. You just have the worst luck with the kids huh? I'll probably be standing a watch soon, our next door neighbors who are also in progress in their build have had rocks thrown through their brand new windows. If I see any sort of foul play like that I will be out their every night!

  7. It's looking great! You definitely need to post someone out there at night to protect your home! At least the parents were nice about it, so hopefully those particular kids won't do it again... now you just need to catch David and Emily in the act!

  8. We frequently go by our future neighborhood. A Victoria Falls is being built a few lots down. There was a broken window...guessing it could be by trouble makers. It does strike an invasion of space cord to me too. Hope you don't have anymore trouble!