Thursday, June 21, 2012

Met with our PM Today

I was having lunch with my husband today and I told him that we should make the drive out to the house. He has extra hours put in for this week and his work is closer to the house than where we live now. It would also save us the trip tonight. He told me I should text the PM to make sure there was actual progress first. Our PM said there was progress and that he was heading out that way. I asked him if we could meet up and possibly walk through the house with him. He said we could meet him but he didn't feel comfortable walking through the house without the roof finished. Once we got there we saw why. They were putting in our roof trusses and the ones that were just propped up were swaying in the wind a lot. I didn't want to go in after seeing that!

We talked a lot with our PM. I told him how disappointed I have been. First with how long the framing process is taking. I also told him I was upset that the houses across the street are getting framed faster than ours and we bought our house first. He did point out that our house is larger and that our roof is much more complicated in shape. I never really looked at the roof that closely but he is right. He said our house is scheduled to be finished before their's and that everything for our house is scheduled to happen before theirs - such as plumbing and electrical stuff. Our pre-drywall inspection will probably be in about two weeks. Or did he say three? Either way! The best news he gave me was that WE ARE STILL ON SCHEDULE!!! I don't even know how that's possible with all of the delays with framing but it is! He said as of right now our final walkthrough will be August 3rd and then closing on August 6th. These were the dates we were given in our Pre-construction meeting so I'm super excited!!

Our PM said they should start putting on the roof today when they are finished with the trusses and finish it up tomorrow. He also said our windows should start going in tomorrow. The framers are supposed to work through the weekend if they don't get finished tomorrow. He said they may come out on Monday to do some final touches. Our plumber is scheduled for Monday and the concrete for the basement and garage is currently scheduled to be poured on Wednesday! On Thursday the framers should be coming back to frame the basement walls and to complete the "punch-out" list my PM creates. The electrician is scheduled for next Friday. Our PM said we should schedule a time to walk through the house with him. I told him I want to see the basement so I think we may be meeting him out there next Friday, as long as my husband can take the time away from work.

I just wanted to mention one more thing before I post a picture of today's progress. I know I have been frustrated with the waiting game and the delays with framing. I just want everyone to know that my frustrations are with the framing crew and not with my PM or with Ryan Homes. Our PM really is a nice guy and is great with communication. I've never had to wait longer than five minutes to receive a response from him. He even responds to me in the evening when I send a frantic text - I'm going to try to stop doing that by the way! I did tell him that I have a blog but I warned him that there are pictures of the inside of the house - even though we are not supposed to be going into the house without someone with us. He said he didn't want to hear that so I told him he better not look at my blog then! I'm sure curiosity will get the better of him and he will read it! I also made sure I told him that my frustrations aren't with him so I hope nothing in my blog offends him. I really need to get a job so I can stop obsessing about this house so much! I'm just going to try to relax and keep reminding myself that it will be finished eventually! Once they are done with the framing, we only plan on visiting once a week. Maybe then I will be a little less crazy - maybe :)


  1. Super Awesome! You have the closing dates and tentative meeting dates to assess the progress of your home! YAY!!!

  2. Yay! That is awesome news! I bet you are so relieved!

  3. That's really good news! We are also scheduled for our final walk through on August 3rd. Our PM said it was an aggressive schedule, but he thinks we should be fine. If your pre-drywall is 2-3 weeks away and you're still closing on the same date as us, you should see a ton of quick change on the back end, which will be fun to watch. Might be worth heading out more than once/week.

  4. Glad everything is working out! I stopped by the house today to check on the progress as well and it wasn't as far along as I thought it would be. I blame the weather; but, would rather have it done a little slower and to good standards rather them rush through. Good luck with the roof!

  5. Good to see that they are still on schedule, even if it probably doesn't feel like it.