Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Moment We Have All Been Waiting for!!!

My AMAZING PM texted me today and said that today would be a good day to stop out! Why? See for yourself!

Front - they haven't finished the garage walls yet. 

Family room and morning room view from the back!

Morning Room! My favorite room in the whole house!

Back of the house
Back of garage
Basement window

Family room. Hole is for our stone fireplace!
Morning room  & part of the kitchen from the inside!

Laundry Room

This will be our staircase

Formal Dining Room

Me standing in the study. I hate this pic but it's the only one my husband took of the study.
Powder room on the right. Coat closet on the left.

Our PM said they should start working on the second floor tomorrow! He said he would text me to let me know so I don't have to drive out there if they don't. I'm so freaking excited!! I texted him after our visit and thanked him for the updates. I told him everything looks beautiful! I also told him that I noticed they started framing one of the houses across the street from us. I told him to tell them to stop until they finished ours! - Joking of course ;)


  1. Yay! So happy that you finally got to see something happening. How nice of you PM to text you to let you know!

  2. They are moving fast now! Someone must have been making some calls so that you could post some good pictures on your blog today ;-)

  3. I like it when PM's come through like that. There's nothing better than good news and a little drive to the new house to confirm it. I live so close to my house I'm there almost every day. Now that the work is inside I don't get there as much because they are a little wary on us going in the house without a SR or PM. I try to go when the workers are there and they always tell me it's ok...actually..they say "It's your house...of course you can go in" like I'm crazy or something.

  4. Woohoo... finally making some progress! Congrats!

  5. YAY!!! It looks great!!! This is going to be a fun week watching it pop right up!!!!!!!

  6. Thanks for posting all those pics, the framing looks amazing! I have 5 other houses going up on my street, an 3 of will close within weeks of one's tough not to compare progress! :)

  7. is so exciting to see your home begin to take shape! Enjoy every moment of it!

  8. Thanks everyone! This is so amazing! Our second floor walls should be going up today!!!!!