Thursday, June 7, 2012

Getting Prepped for Framing

No actual walls went up today but they have started laying out all of our framing materials to get them ready. Our lot is one hot mess of framing materials spread everywhere! We had two huge piles of framing and today they only got through one. I imagine that tomorrow they will work on the other pile so I will try to not visit until Saturday. It's just too hard to fight the urge sometimes! My PM did say that the framers will be working through the weekend to make up some time.

All of my goodies in my basement! My front door is to the left and the garage service door is all the way on the right.

This arched window is one of my favorite features of the house! It's HUGE!

The door from the house to the garage on the left. The door in the Morning Room on the Right.

Master shower with garden tub in front. The shower is a lot bigger than it looked while it was laying down - thank goodness! I totally would have gotten in the garden tub if it was turned over!

Hall bathtub

Am I the only one who thinks of Thomas whenever I see triangles now? Even if this isn't the kind he had in mind!

Oh and one more thing. Here is the screenshot of Ryan Homes Shout out to me! I feel like a celebrity! (Not really!)


  1. Your all famous like now **internet high five**

    Yes I think even those triangles may hold some empty space ;-)

  2. Ooohhhh! Love the goodies delivered (we've yet to see that much) and the shout-out! I'm confident framing will start soon for you!!

  3. You are famous. Just "liked" it! ;)

    Love that giant window! And so cool, if not a little strange, to see all the pieces spread out. I would have been tempted to jump in the shower.

  4. That window looks awesome! Sweetness on the shout-out from Ryan... you should ask them for a discount for using your story ;).