Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Trying to be Patient

As you read in my last post, A Wall and a half...Seriously, my husband and I drove out to our lot on Saturday and literally only had a wall and a half. We were expecting Sunday to bring much more progress. Again, we were a little disappointed. We still only have a wall and a half but we also had this:

This is where our fireplace will be.

It rained a lot yesterday but we decided to make the drive anyway. Due to the rain, our expectations were set pretty low. They filled in the gap that you see in the last picture above and got a little start on laying the plywood over the top to make the first floor.

Filled in the gap from the picture above. The hole left is for our staircase, I think?

Started laying the floor but they got rained out.

Our PM called me this morning to discuss the lack of progress. He said he called because I haven't texted him recently. Does that give you any indication of how much I usually text him? lol! I really appreciated his call. He's a super nice guy. He said there was less progress this weekend, understandably due to the rain. He said that he is pulling in a second framing crew to come help out on our house. Hopefully this will speed the process up. He said our first floor walls will start to go up tomorrow and our second floor walls should  start going up on Friday. I told him that I haven't been texting him as much because I felt like I was being annoying. I told him that instead, I have just been driving out to the lot everyday. He said he was sorry that I felt that way and that's why he decided to give me a call. He said he goes out to our lot everyday and that he will send me a text when the progress is really picking up enough to warrant me to drive out there.

His phone call made me feel a little better. It makes me wonder if he has found my blog and is reading it? I'm not going to ask him but I wouldn't mind if he told me that he was - hint hint. I just hope the weather gives us a break. I can't wait to see my house fully framed! Then maybe I will leave our PM alone until our pre-construction meeting - I can't make any promises though! 


  1. I have a feeling they do read these, our PM slipped up a couple of times mentioning things that were in the blog that we hadnt mentioned to him, hmmmm --Ericka

  2. Yup. I agree. I definitely think they read it. My husband's "cousin" who works for the parent company of Ryan Homes said that they definitely do read them. I like this and hope they don't stop reading them. I bet you, as bloggers, we are more involved in the building process more than we know.

  3. Glad your PM called. Those guys definitely have a tough job. They're coordinating all these sub-contractors, who do not actually work directly for them. Some are better than others. Good for the PM for bringing in another or additional crew.

  4. My sales rep told me she had found and was reading my blog. At first I wasn't sure how I felt about it because sometimes I rant on mine lol but then I was like ehh whatever I'd rather they know if sometimething is upsetting me and hopefully they can fix the issue. My husband told me that that was a seriously passive agressive way of dealing with issues but whatever it works :o)