Sunday, June 24, 2012

Weekend Progress

Dare I say it? THE ROOF IS DONE!! WOOHOO!! Now that I got that out of my system! We actually restrained ourselves from visiting the house yesterday. We went today fully expecting no progress since Friday. I know the framers were supposed to work this weekend but I haven't had much faith in them recently. They definitely showed up and they got a lot done! They even installed most of the windows. I was wondering why they skipped the one random one in bedroom #4. We went into the room and there was a window propped up against the wall. Looks like it's the wrong window. It's in the fourth picture down.

Can't wait for the arched window that goes above the front door!

Why is there a random gaping hole in the side of my formal dining room? There's a smaller one in our laundry room as well.

This window is missing the horizontal lines. Must be the wrong one.

Window in the master "water closet" RH's fancy name for a closet with a toilet in it! I love that there's a window in here. It's up high enough for privacy too. It doesn't open though.

Cool shot of the attic

What's the little square cut-out for in the roof? The other houses have some  kind of pipe sticking out there.


  1. Hey, it is looking great, and massive I might add :-)

    The opening may be the access they were using to get to the roof to put on the OSB (don't quote me on that though).

    The other holes I don't know. Maybe they were using some of that material for the roof and will get those walls later?

  2. Well, alright, alright, alright! Looking good, CMM!

  3. Everything looks great! We have the same powder room window that doesn't open-I was surprised that it doesn't open! I mean, come much could it cost to get one with a little crank?? But, I guess I will be thankful there's a window.

    1. It would be awesome to have a powder room window but our powder room is in the center of our house. That window is in our master water closet. It's nice to have natural light but would be nicer if it opened!

  4. Looking good! We had a few random holes also. Our PM said that everything has to be sealed up before they do their Energy Star tests.

  5. They also may have left the one window out to bring in sheets of drywall from the truck's lift. Seen them go through a second floor window before.

  6. To call it a "Water closet" is very European. W.C. for short.

    Agree with Thomas- house is HUGE!

  7. Looking great! I'm so glad they are finally making some good progress!

  8. Thanks everyone! My husband and I have always wanted a big house and we don't even plan on having any children! I do have family out of state so it is nice to know that we will have plenty of space for them to stay with us when they are in town. Our PM was laughing and telling us that our house is going to echo when we move in.

  9. What a great looking house! And yes - quite large. Love the look of that arched window over the front door. Very exciting to see so much progress over the weekend!