Thursday, May 17, 2012

Vandalism Update

For those of you who thought I overreacted, we got a response back from our Sales Rep today. She said they have never seen anything like this before and they are going to fill out a police report. No joke. She also said that someone is going to "take care of it." I don't know what that means exactly but I guess we will find out. I seriously expected her to tell us that we were being crazy and not to worry about it since it would get covered up. I am pleasantly surprised! They must really want that perfect 10 on their survey! To be continued.....

One more thing, those signs with our lot number on them have a note at the bottom that says: "Only Authorized Personnel Permitted to Enter." Those nosey people who like to "visit" other people's homesites need to learn how to read! End rant.

If you have no idea what I am referring to, read my original post here: Vandalism


  1. I don't at all think you overreacted. Sure, it does no harm amd will be covered up. However, someone invaded your property and your home. I'd feel very violated. That's great Ryan Homes is stepping up and correcting it. Hope you find out who David and Emily are.

  2. CMM, I understood how you felt the entire time! I mentioned before this home buying process is very heart felt for me. I am happy they are putting some steps into action to avoid further damage to other homes in the community. And besides, it is there job to make sure the buyer is happy and satisfied with their building process.

  3. The compensation should be that you get to write your name on their house or something they love.

    1. I would settle on a punch in the face ;)

    2. Yowza!

      **note to self, don't upset CMM**


  4. Thanks you guys for making me feel less crazy about the whole situation!