Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Furniture Shopping & A Suggestion

I have been to so many furniture stores in the past week and I have been having a hard time finding couches that I like for my great room. I found some couches with patterns that I like but then I didn't like the feel of the couch and vice versa. I went to La-Z-Boy last night and found out that you can pick any couch that you want and then you have 1100 fabrics to choose from for the couch and for the accent pillows! You can even purchase extra fabric to make your curtains match the accent pillows! They also have these really cute accent chairs that recline! Only they don't look like recliners because they are much smaller! Just when I thought I was already in heaven...the sales guy tells me that they have an in-home design consultant!! She comes out to your house -- or in our case she's just going to have to look at the floor plans since our house doesn't exist yet -- and she makes sure the couches you have selected are a good size for the room. She also helps you coordinate accent pieces, rugs, and decorations! It gets better, they are in partnership with Sherwin Williams so she even helps select paint colors that compliment your room and the furniture you pick out! Oh, and did I mention that this is all FREE!!

So if you are having a hard time choosing furniture, I HIGHLY recommend La-Z-Boy. They even have a 3-D room planner on their website. The sales rep also told me that you can purchase a protection plan on the furniture that protects you from stains associated with food and beverage spills and bodily fluids for 10 years. If you get a stain, they will have it professionally cleaned for you and if that doesn't work, they will replace it! This is perfect for those of you with children or for those of you who are worried about stains in general!

We made some preliminary choices last night but we went in to the store too close to closing time. We will be going back this weekend to finalize our selections and then I will post some pictures on here of course!

I have already fallen in love with a dining room table and chairs for our morning room. I found these at Ashley Furniture -- I LOVE LOVE LOVE Ashley. Most of our current furniture is from there.

The table comes with a leaf in it (not pictured). It can sit up to 8 people. Our morning room is 19'3'' long so I want a long table to go in there.
I love the design on the back of this chair. It's super comfy too! I wanted to get matching barstools for the island in the kitchen, but my husband wants something with a smaller profile. We'll see.

I don't think I would get the top piece of this. I might put a picture or a mirror above it instead. The hutch looks SO much better in person. This picture does not do it justice.
The table and hutch together

As for the formal dining room, my husband picked out a set that he really likes. I think it's a little too expensive but he had a good point, you only really get one set of formal dining room furniture in your life. I'm also not a huge fan of the two end chairs but I love the hutch. The table is 9.5' long but it has two leaves you can take out of it, which brings it down to about 6.5' I think. We aren't 100% set on this set but I thought I would share some pictures anyway!

I'm not a huge fan of the design on the back of this chair. We might get just the ones above.

This shows only one leaf, but there are two.


  1. How exciting! I can't wait to pick out new furniture!

    Thanks for the great tip on La-Z-Boy. I've heard they've stepped up their design aesthetic in recent years. Can't wait to see what they have.

    Ethan Allen also offers free design services. Haven't used them, but I hear good things.

  2. We just bought our new family room furniture at La-Z-Boy this weekend. I love the 10 year warranty on the fabric. With 3 kids, 2 cats and 2 dogs, I need something that's going to last or be fixed. It's awesome that they have the design consultant do in-home consultation for free!

    1. Which couch did you pick? Are you going to post pictures?

    2. We picked the Metro. I guess I should post pics :)

    3. We have our eye on the Collins. It looks very similar to the Metro.

  3. Pretty swanky stuff there! Both sets are nice and I even like the chair with the fabric.

  4. Very nice! When we have parties, everyone always ends up in our morning room versus our dining room, so the bigger the table, the better. I have always love upholstered end chairs in dining room sets. We have quite a few Ashley pieces in our home.