Friday, May 18, 2012

One Problem Solved. Another Problem Discovered.

My husband drove out to our lot today and discovered that not only did they fill in the dirt around the foundation but they also covered up the names of the vandals. I don't know how they did it but I think it looks great! He didn't zoom in on the "After" picture because he didn't even know that this was the area of the problem. I was the one that found it the other day and I wasn't there with him today. Check it out!



Of course I only got to be excited about this for about a minute before he pointed out another problem. We agreed to let our PM put our sewer pipe in the front right corner of our basement. He said it would be very close to the wall and he would cover it up with a 45 degree wall and a small closet-sized door. We stressed to him that this area of our basement is for our pool table and that we were concerned about it taking up too much space. He said that it would be very small and not to worry about it. Check out the picture below:

We were expecting the pipe to be in the shaded area, closer to the wall. It looks much farther out than we agreed for it to be. Now I'm worried that this 45 degree wall will come out much farther and take up a big chunk of our basement. I have e-mailed our PM for clarity. I hope that he can either fix this or that we are looking at it wrong somehow.

Update: Crisis averted! 
I heard back from my PM. He e-mailed me at 7pm on Friday! How awesome is he? I wasn't expecting a response until Monday at the earliest! Now I don't have to stress all weekend. Here's what he said:
"Our plan for the size of your closet is the same. The sewer pipe gets cut down and capped off. I know it looks like it will be in the way now, but it will get cut down. The closet is more for the water meter than anything else."

My husband took this picture from the curb. It  makes our house look really far away from the road. Our property line goes back to the other side of those trees. I'm so glad my father is giving us a riding lawn mower! Best housewarming gift ever!


  1. Don't freak out about the pipe yet. That might not be the sewer stack. I had a few of those around the basement but they were clean out access points and they cut them all flush to the floor and put a cover on them. Definitly bring it up though -- they can still move stuff until the slab is poured.

  2. I hope Mike is right about the pipe. Glad they took care of the vandalism issue for you.

  3. Mike was right! I updated this blog entry with my PM's response!

  4. Good call Mike. I was not sure what that was going to be either.

  5. Also I noticed that you have the faux brick texture on the inside of your basement as well. You could do some interesting things down there to make it look like brick walls. The caveat though is that you would loose some insulation.