Friday, May 4, 2012

Finally Some Action!

 I drove out to our lot earlier today, secretly hoping that I would find a huge hole in the ground that they neglected to tell me about. Of course, this was not the case but I did find that they staked out our house!!! There was even gravel for the driveway. I don't know what the pile of rocks and dirt on the left side are, anyone else have a clue? (Third Picture down)

I had to stand across the street to fit them all in the picture, the Yorkshire is a very wide house.

Gravel for the temporary driveway!

I don't know what this pile of stuff is for on the left? It wasn't on our lot before.
I took this picture of our backyard standing where the back door will be. Still looks huge!

I did linger a little bit, taking a few (dozens) pictures. I was hoping  that maybe one of my neighbors would see me and come over and introduce themselves. Then I realized that normal people are at work in the middle of the day! Oh well, maybe I will bump into one of them on a weekend sometime. The two lots across the street from us have sold as well. Those two and ours were the last three on the street. There is only one lot left in the entire development. That means we won't be dealing with any major construction after we move in! Always a bonus!

Our pre-construction meeting is on Monday and they break ground on Wednesday! If I got this excited about a bunch of sticks in the ground, I can only imagine how excited I will be about a huge hole in the ground!


  1. Stakes and gravel are good! I did not get over to our lot today so I do not know if we got gravel yet. Hoping to get over there tomorrow.

    Your backyard does look pretty big. It has a nice tree line and fence row. I am a little jealous now :)

    1. Our lot is half an acre. I love it! I was wondering how it was going to look once the house was sitting on it but it looks like we will still have plenty of space!

  2. What a great lot! We also only have a few lots left in our community, so we are happy to not be dealing with tons of construction after we move either. Congrats on the stakes! It won't be long and you'll be admiring a big hole in the ground and a big pile of dirt :)