Tuesday, May 15, 2012

First Furniture Purchase!

As you may have read in my previous post about shopping for furniture - you can find it here - my husband and I have been looking at La-Z-Boy. You can pick whatever couch you like best and then choose from over 1100 fabrics to personalize it. You can even personalize the accent pillows. We decided on having two full-size couches facing each other with a coffee table in the middle. There will be a rug under the coffee table. We will have two accent chairs, one on each side of the fireplace. There will be no television in our family room. We wanted this room to still feel "open" and have plenty of seating for guests.

Here is a rough sketch of the furniture layout we chose:
There is no wall on the right side, it flows right into the kitchen.

Here is the couch we chose. It is called the Collins and it is sooo comfy and soft! The best part - it's made in America!
The color is called Brown Sugar

Here's an up-close shot of the fabric with the accent pillow

Here is what our accent chairs will look like, they match the pillows:
This chair is the Charlotte. It's a recliner! Can you believe it? If not, look down!

IT RECLINES! I am excited about this because I look forward to reclining and reading next to the fireplace. I'm so glad that this chair is a recliner but still has a smaller profile.

I also mentioned in my previous post that La-Z-Boy offers free in-home design. We are meeting with their interior decorator later this month. She is going to help us pick out a rug, coffee table, accent tables, decor, and paint colors! I am so glad they offer this service. I would be lost without it! I really want this room to have a complete look. We won't be painting for the first year but at least I will know what color goes best with our furniture choices! We also weren't planning on buying any furniture until after we close on the house. La-Z-Boy was having an awesome sale that we couldn't pass up. It also takes at least two months to get the couches delivered since we personalized them. We only had to make a down payment and won't have to pay the rest until we are ready for them to deliver.


  1. THank you for the info. I LOVE your color choices. It's very natural feeling and I love nature. :)

  2. Love the layout for your family room! Because we are having a tv in the room and a fireplace, our furniture layout is limited, but since it's where our family spends 95% of the time, it will work. Love your colors too! Can't wait for our new La-Z-Boy furniture to be delivered :)

  3. I absolutely love it! Let me know if you want to start a book club and I'll be there if I can sit in one of your accent chairs by the fireplace.

  4. That chair rocks! It is like a covert posh sleeper chair.

  5. I love that chair! Thanks for the lazyboy tip... I love customizable furniture.

  6. I love the colors and the accent chair that matches the pillows. Great choices!