Tuesday, July 3, 2012

My PM is Better Than Your PM

I haven't posted a blog in about a week and a half! Things have been pretty crazy. We have only visited the house twice in the past week and a half, which has been strange. During framing we were going out there every single day. We decided to keep our distance for a while so that we can see even more progress on the inside with each visit. So much has happend in the past week and a half. My sister and my one-year-old nephew are visiting us from Texas, which is keeping us busy and keeping our minds off the house. I also started a new job after not working for over 6 months. This came at a good time because paying two mortgages until we find renters for our current home will be no fun! Last week someone hacked our checking account and almost stole $2000. Thankfully the fraud department at Chase was all over it and stopped the transaction before it went through. We had to get a whole new account. ALL of our bills are automatically taken out of our account and getting them all switched over to our new account has been a huge pain in the rear. We had a HUGE storm last Friday. Brick pillars and part of the fence surrounding our pool at our current house were blown over. Thankfully we live in a condo and aren't responsible for the repair! This made us nervous for the state of the house we are building. We drove out there Saturday to check it out and to show my sister the house for the first time. I got super freaked out when we drove up and saw that all of the windows and doors were left open. The wrap around the house had come off in certain places too. Thankfully there was no damage! It didn't look like the inside of the house got wet at all, except for the basement and that's only because they haven't installed the window down there yet.

So back to the title of my blog. My PM is THE BEST. I feel so lucky. I read other blogs where other people have a hard time getting in touch with their PMs and sometimes it takes days. That would drive me insane! Mine responds to my texts within minutes and is overall a really nice guy. I have stopped texting him in the evenings and on weekends because he actually responds during those times. I don't want to encroach upon his family time so I have been doing my best to save my text messages for business hours! He is trying (and succeeding) to make this process as enjoyable as possible for us. Monday I expressed to him that I have been disappointed with the garden tub in the master bathroom. That tub has been bothering me ever since I first saw it installed. I didn't say anything at first and I just let it eat away at me. My husband couldn't care less because he doesn't take baths. The straw that broke the camels back is when both my father and my sister mentioned that they didn't think the tub looked very deep. They totally validated my feelings without me even soliciting an opinion. I called my PM with a general list of questions and I mentioned my disappointment in the tub. I told him that it did not look like the one my SR told us came standard with the house. It just looks like a regular bathtub without a shower. He told me that they recently switched vendors so the tub wasn't going to be like the one I expected and he offered to check it out for me. I really feel like the SR should have told us this. It may be a small issue to some but it isn't for me. Within a few hours of speaking with my PM, he texted me to let me know that he ordered me a new tub! He ordered the one that I was originally expecting!! That's just one small example of why my PM is better than your PM. He really goes above and beyond to make sure we are happy. After all, we are the ones who are paying for and will be living in this house :)

So much has happened at our house since my last blog post. The concrete was poured in our garage and in the basement. The HVAC, plumbing, hot water tank, and electric have all been installed. It even looks like Guardian did their installation and our brick was delivered! They also installed the service door on the back of the garage and the door leading from the garage into the house. The framing is finished for the most part but my husband did notice an error in the basement. One of the walls separating the storage area from the finished area seems to be pushed a few feet back farther than it should be. It's really too hard to explain on here so I will just leave it at that. I mentioned to my PM on Monday during our phone call. I thought it would help to tell him before they finished framing the basement. I visited today and they framed the rest of the basement but had not fixed this error. I also didn't see any notes spray painted telling them to fix it. I guess it will either be fixed or we will just have to point it out again during our pre-drywall meeting.

We were pleasantly surprised to see that the plumber mistakenly roughed-in a utility sink in the laundry room. We did not choose this option during our selection process. I was afraid it would take up too much room in the already small laundry room. We did ask our SR if we could get one installed in the basement or garage and she told us no without even submitting a non-standard request. I've been a little bitter about it since I have seen so many other bloggers who have them in their basements and in their garages! I was afraid to point out the plumber's mistake to our PM because I thought he might have it removed. Then I figured it would be best to tell him just in case he notices the error and has it removed thinking we didn't want it. He said we can keep it! Woohoo! I think it was meant to be! This is another example of why my PM is better than your PM ;)

We also noticed that we will have a thermostat on all three levels of the house. We were wondering if this meant we could control all three levels separately. I asked my PM and he said yes! He said it is all still the same HVAC system but that we can have different temperatures, within 10 degrees, on each level. SCORE! This will definitely help us save on our electric bill! 

Ok, so enough of this super long entry. Here come the pictures! They are in random order from when I took them.  I'm considering hiring Thomas to come up with witty captions for me. Mine are just so boring compared to his!

Brick!! Can't wait to see it on the house!


I love the style of door they use for the garage service door!
Glad there is a light on the outside of the garage service door. I'm sure this is code but I still wasn't aware it was included. That alone makes getting the service door worth it. More light for the backyard! This is perfect since we plan on putting our hot tub in this general area.

Hose bib on the left, dryer vent is there somewhere, and I don't know what else that is.

Even though we got 9' ceilings on the first floor, the laundry room has an 8' ceiling. This is probably due to the HVAC system that runs over top of it.

Notes written on the protective covering of the door leading to the garage. I really wanted to see what this door looks like!

Lots of the lights in the kitchen!

Ceiling fan rough-in in the morning room

Fireplace and "eyeball" lights above it

Ice-maker rough-in for fridge

Pretty sure this is from Guardian. 

Temporary railing installed. Now I don't have to feel like I might fall to my death when I walk upstairs.

I think that little black thing is where our wireless router will be, in our second floor ceiling.

Lame-o tub. This will be getting replaced. Can't wait to see the new one!

Ceiling in the master water closet.

Gray one is from electrician. I think the blue one is Guardian.

One of the three locations for a thermostat. SO GLAD it's in the master bedroom!

My beautiful window from the inside :)

Electrical panel

Pretty sure this wall is in the wrong place. It should enclose that support beam but it's several feet back.

Another shot of the wall that's in the wrong place
This is in the finished part of the basement but the PM said he will build a small closet around it.

on the HVAC unit

Hot water tank and sump pump.
Hot water tank sticker. Does that say 85 gallons? The number is smudged.

Will someone please install this window so water will stop getting in my basement?

Other hose bib and water meter (left side of house)

Thanks to Charlie, I now know that this black thing is for my air conditioner unit!

Electrical outlet on the back of the house. Near the right corner

What is that? It's on the back of the house below the morning room windows.

The pipe on the left is just laying there but what is the one on the right? It's sticking out of the morning room wall.

Spot light that will be installed next to the second floor windows.

Light fixture next to the morning room door.

Outlet near the front door

Coach lights next to the front door. Is that my doorbell on the left side of the door frame?

Concrete in the garage.

Front stoop. I think this looks weird. The concrete doesn't match the foundation. Do they do anything about that?

Tray ceiling in the dining room.

I like how there are vents in the ceiling and in the floors.

Double vanity in the master bath!

Shower and lame-o tub.

Hall bathroom

Water in the basement from Friday's storm.

Kitchen sink placement.

Free utility sink rough-in! Woohoo! 

Laundry room hook-ups

Master bedroom tray ceiling!


  1. Wow so much progress! I'm really excited for you guys!
    We also got the garden tub and while I haven't seen ours yet it better not be like the one you pictured here!
    I will be so so so disappointed if thats the case! We never saw an example, our SR just said that it was huge and we took her word for it.
    I'll be so nervous now until it comes in!

    1. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!

  2. Looking good. The one picture you asked what is the thing on the left, coming out of the house, a black hose looking thing with an orange cap. It's most likely the refrigerant piping for the outdoor a/c unit.

    1. Oh yeah! That makes sense! Why didn't I think of that? Thanks!

  3. Wow, it's really coming along! But now I'm a little anxious about the garden tub, too. That did look really small. Otherwise it all looks great!!!

  4. This is wonderful CMM! Glad everything is moving along! BTW--someone tried to hack my bank account for $2000 too. They tried it through my paypal account!

    1. I just don't understand how people can do that. How can they steal hard-earned money from other people and not even think twice about it? It makes me sick!

  5. That is awesome. I'm not going to try to compete, but we do love our PM too. Perhaps not as communicative as yours (then again we don't reach out much), but he totally has our back. Makes it such a better process when you trust someone is working to make sure your house is awesome, no?

    1. That is great to hear! I feel like everyone deserves the same level of customer service that we are receiving. After all, we are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars! I am completely satisfied with Ryan Homes so far. I recommend them to everyone! I should just work for them, lol.

  6. I don't know about that... my PM is really awesome! We'll have to put them head to head! After reading this post and comments, I am going to check my bank account!

  7. So much progress! That tub does look rather shallow... I'm glad you were able to get it switched. That's awesome that you got the free sink rough-in too. We also tried to get one in the garage and they wouldn't do it :(.

  8. Thanks for considering my blog posts to be witty! Now the real question is how much is that skill really worth! ;-)

    On the 50 gallon hot water tank I have it says that it is rated for 86 gallons for the first hour. Which means that it has a 72% or 36 gallon recovery rate per hour. Is yours a 50 gallon tank as well?

    1. Our paperwork says we get an 80 gallon tank. I'm going to ask our PM today at our pre-drywall meeting.

      Where have you been?! I haven't seen any post from you in a while! I've been getting worried!