Friday, July 20, 2012

I Balled My Eyes Out!

My husband and I have not been inside our house since the pre-drywall meeting. That was on Monday,  July 9th. I visited the house last Thursday but I never went past the garage and our brick was only partially done. Our PM told us that our brick and siding would be finished by the end of this week. He also said our vinyl floors, first coat of paint, molding, doors, and cabinets would go in this week. My husband and I challenged ourselves not to visit until today because we wanted to be shocked with a ton of progress all at once and we totally were!! I closed my eyes on the drive up to the house. I didn't look until I got out of the car. I literally broke down in tears. I was full out ugly crying. I was doubled over and my whole body was shaking. Why? BECAUSE MY HOUSE IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL THING I HAVE EVER SEEN!!! See for yourself!

The missing shutter is broken. Imagine the door painted black!

The back. Love the siding! It's called Georgian Gray.

Close-up of the siding and a peak at the cabinets that are in the morning room!

French doors to the study (taken from the inside of the study)

Free tray ceiling in the study!

Coat closet in the foyer

Love this! The railing will continue up the wall.
Check out that cased doorway to the dining room, the tray ceiling, and the chair rail! Too much awesomeness for one photo!!

Close-up of dining room tray and a shot of the second cased doorway leading from the dining room to the kitchen!

More chair rail! SO GLAD we got the trim package!
Another cased doorway. This leads from the hallway on the first floor into the kitchen and family room area. The door on the left is the powder room.

Powder room on the 1st floor
Some of the cabinets installed!! I cried when I saw the cabinets too! Seriously...
In case you are curious, these are the Wyoming Square Cherry Spice cabinets.
Cabinet above fridge. My wall oven and more cabinets will be to the left! We thought there would be drywall above this cabinet like in the above picture over the other cabinets. The ceiling comes down like that in the model and in both of the other Yorkshire bloggers. Weird.

Cabinets waiting to be installed! 

Can't wait for the stone to go on the fire place! I forgot to ask when that will happen!

I love the windows in the family room. They are HUGE!

Laundry room with vinyl installed and trim waiting for installation.

Can't wait to see the railings installed!

Food pantry? I don't remember and my husband took the pics.

Bedroom #3

Other side of bedroom #3

Attic access in bedroom #2

Bedroom #2, looking from the back wall. This is the biggest of the spare bedrooms.

Hall bathroom. That's not a double vanity. I opted for the counter space instead.  This bathroom is much larger than we thought! There is a big space between the vanity and the shower.
Hall shower.

Bedroom #4. The smallest of the spare bedrooms.

Another view of bedroom #4

Linen closet inside the water closet in the master bath. It's a closet within a closet! It was too hard to get a pic of the water closet itself.
Shot of the master tub and shower. We went with fiberglass and a vinyl floor, not because we are cheap, but because I HATE cleaning grout and tile!

Master shower. This will have a pull-out door instead of a slider. Good thing too since I hate sliding doors almost as much as I hate tile!

My new tub! It's deeper than the original one but not by much. I still think it looks a TON better!

Double vanity in the master bath! My side is the left! I love how tall this vanity is. So does my super tall hubby!

A shot of the master bedroom with the old garden tub chilling in there and a workshop for cutting the molding!

One of the two walk-in closets in the master bedroom. It's so hard taking a picture of this. It's about twice as big as it looks!

Tray ceiling in the master bedroom! Yep, that makes THREE total tray ceilings in the house!

My favorite window! Can't wait to see the chandelier hanging in front of it and I can't wait to see the railing installed!

We went back to the kitchen after walking around the rest of the house and found more cabinets!

A close-up of the front. So beautiful! I still can't believe it's mine!

Here are the two houses going up across the street. They look great! 
My only concern from today's visit is that the cabinet doors were a little crooked in the kitchen. They didn't line up at the bottom. I didn't look too closely at the ones in the bathrooms because there were people still working in those rooms. I hope this is something that gets fixed. If not, I will mention it to my PM after my next visit. We didn't take any pictures of the basement. It was super dark down there. I can't wait for the lights to get installed so that we can see it better and so that we can take pictures. I'm sure they had fun installing the vinyl in the basement powder room with just a portable light! Oh, and we opted not to get the shower in the basement bathroom so we got a closet instead. This closet is HUGE! What am I going to store in such a big closet that is located in my basement powder room? Any suggestions?

I still can't believe how far our house has come in such a short amount of time! It feels like just yesterday that I was whining about the framing taking forever! Our house actually looks like a house on the inside and on the outside! We never got to see a model of our home since the closest one is eight hours away. We did see one under construction in our neighborhood though. We just keep noticing things that we didn't know we would get, like extra recessed lights for example. Walking though the house just feels so surreal for us. I feel like the house gets bigger every time we visit!

I can't remember everything my PM said would be happening next week. There was so much! He said our walls will get another coat of paint, our plumbing fixtures will be installed, our hardwoods would be installed on Friday, and our carpet on Saturday! He also said our driveway will be poured. I'm assuming this means our sidewalk too! I wish I would have asked him when the stone will be put on the fireplace and when I will get to see my granite countertops! How could I forget to ask about the granite?!? What's wrong with me?!?! I'll have to text him on Monday! 

I just want to let everyone know that I read every single entry that you post on your blog. I have literally read every single post from beginning to end that every single person I am following has written. I haven't been commenting as much as usual lately because things have just been super crazy. I just wanted to make sure everyone knew that I am still an avid reader! I remember when I felt like I was the only blogger that hadn't even broken ground yet. Now there are so many others in every stage of this process. It's great to be able to relate to everyone!


  1. Everything looks so beautiful! And I totally don't blame you for crying! We saw our siding almost completed today and I felt the same way! I told Dan-Do you think everyone else thinks this is the prettiest house ever?lol! I'm glad everything is coming together and you are loving everything. Now all that hassle in the beginning is well worth it!

  2. That's gorgeous! I love it! My husband really wanted a brick's not going to be in the cards, but I can see why he wants it.

    And I know exactly how you feel about the blogs...every time I start a new one I read from the very first post all the way through. Takes a while! I've really enjoyed reading your blog, and appreciate the comments you've made on mine. :D

    1. I always dreamed of having a brick house. I never realized how expensive it is! Having partial stone was an incentive when we sign our contract with RH and it was only a few grand more to upgrade to full brick! I'm so passionate about my brick that I would have given up the morning room or finished basement before I would have given up my brick!

  3. WOW! Everything is really coming along! Don't feel bad about crying, I am not there to actually see my house being built so I cry while looking at the pictures. These next couple of weeks will fly by for you, and you will have the house all to yourself :). Continue to share!

  4. Your house looks great! There is so much space. I love the three windows in your Family Room.

    I am so proud of you all for being able to keep yourself visiting your house:) We are now officially locked out of our home, but I still couldn't resist stopping by...smh. There has to be some kind of support group for this lol!

    1. Now that I know what the house looks like, I won't be able to stay away! There is so much work going on at our house that our PM said it may not get locked until the very end! Lucky us!

  5. Glorious!!!! Just beautiful - and I got a little misty eyed just reading this post- I tear up easily:) - but I also totally understand how emotional and exciting it all is! I am prepared for waterworks at all stages - for instance, I cried after we signed the papers, when we got our approval call from NVR, and again after the pre-construction meeting. Not outright bawling, but big fat tears of happiness. Nothing to be ashamed of at all - just shows your house is in the right hands:)
    I absolutely love the color of your kitchen cabinets. Really, really sharp looking. And Im living vicariously through your chair rail/ trim package!!! I so wish we would have done that - I love the look of a chair rail - it just gives such a "finished" look, you know?
    I'm excited to see more pics as things keep moving along - and I'm like you. I read everybody's blogs front to back. I love it!

  6. Your house is beautiful! I wish I could keep myself away for that long! I can't seem to stay away for more than 3 days. We have the same window in our foyer and it is our favorite also. It looks like you are just a few days behind us. Our granite was just installed. Tile & hardwood flooring, driveway and the stone fireplace are going in next week.

  7. aww im tearing up for u its so awesome that we r all able to share this process!

  8. Your house is beautiful! I'm so excited for you and your family. And you're right, your house is huge! Looks like you guys made all the right choices and I can't wait to see the final product. Thanks for sharing your journey with us!

  9. Everything looks wonderful! I love the cabinets, and you're so lucky with all your tray ceilings! The brick front is gorgeous, too. Wish we could have had that as well, but we wanted brick and stone which was not an option in our community. But yours looks so stately!