Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Feeling Bummed

It is so exciting watching everyone else's progress on here. I have to admit that it is bumming me out a bit. We have already made all of our selections - feels like forever ago now - and we still have about 22 days until they break ground. I don't know what the hold-up is. Maybe just because other houses are in front of us? Either way, I decided in order to cheer myself up that I would make a blog about some of the things I am excited about the new house. These are in no particular order, just how they pop in my head.

Having a HOUSE - right now we own our condo but it feels just like living in an apartment. I can't wait to have people over and have a house that I am proud of. We will have so much space and it will just feel so much more comfortable when having a large amount of people here at a time.

Having a garage - I am so excited that I won't have to scrape my car off in the winter. Our condo comes with only 1 carport parking space. Neither of us likes to use it because our neighborhood has about 10 stray cats that love to lay ( & scratch) on the cars parked in there. Parking in the regular spots isn't fun either. Some of our neighbors' cars look like they've been in the demolition derby. Dents and scratches everywhere. They park all crazy. My husband and I both hate our current parking arrangement. His car got a nice white scratch on the side of it, courtesy of one of the neighbors I'm sure.

Trash service - Odd one, I know. Where we live now, we have to drag our trash down a ways to a dumpster that is shared with dozens of other residents. Of course  no one takes care of this area. There is always trash and glass on the ground. People also leave their Christmas trees around the dumpster and they just sit there FOREVER. The smell is awful. When the dumpsters are full, we are forced to leave our trash in our house until they empty it. I'm excited to have a large trash can in the garage to place my trash until trash day. Then all we have to do is wheel it down to the end of our driveway.

Having a Yard - Our lot is half an acre!! I know that is a lot to mow but my father is giving us a riding lawn mower! The only yard we have now is a large grassy area next to the parking lot where everyone walks their dogs and DON'T clean up after them! Yuck! We have a dog and it will be nice to have an area for her to run and play and not be close to where cars are driving by. We are also excited to put in a patio and entertain people there too.

Dining Room - We will have a formal dining room and a morning room with a table in it. So much space to entertain! We use our current dining room as an office (more on that later). We hosted Christmas last year and we had to rent out the clubhouse at our condo in order to accommodate everyone. It was such a pain taking everything back and forth. Not to mention, the clubhouse isn't kept up that well.

Study - We are so excited to have a designated study! We won't have to take up a bedroom or the dining room (like we are now) in order to have a place where we can both sit at our computers and hang out. This is especially important since my husband works from home twice a week.

Fireplace - It's not even the functionality that I'm super excited about, it's the aesthetics. We are going to have a gorgeous floor-to-ceiling stone fireplace. I'm so excited to be able to hang stockings on it during Christmas and to put our tree next to it! We don't have any room in our condo to put a tree now. I have a pathetic 12'' tree that I put on our entertainment center.

Kitchen - What about the kitchen, you ask? EVERYTHING! IT'S GORGEOUS! Granite countertops and beautiful 42'' cherry cabinets! A gourmet island! Stainless steel appliances! A double oven! Recessed lights! I could go on and on! Our condo was built in 1972. We still have the original cabinets and floors. Just picture that for a minute. I think the cabinets are made from particle board. The drawers are made of plastic - yes, I said plastic! The floors are so yellowed but I think they used to be white. The appliances are probably from the 90's. They are some off-white cream color. Super ugly. It's embarrassing. I hate showing my kitchen to people who come over. I hate being in there. I'm not the greatest cook but I'm sure a brand new gorgeous kitchen will help inspire me to become better!

1st Floor Laundry - I was originally hoping for a second floor laundry but having it on the first floor is still a MILLION times better than lugging everything down to the basement! Our current laundry room isn't even finished. It has concrete walls and a concrete floor. So cold and depressing.

Large Finished basement - We currently have a finished basement but it's only really big enough for the stuff we need to store. In the new house, our "living room" will be in our basement. This will be our main area. We are also keeping our two cats in the basement. I'm so tired of them getting in and on everything. They scratch everything and their hair gets everywhere. I'll be able to have all brand-new furniture on our first floor without the fear of our cats ruining it. I also won't feel guilty for locking them in the basement. It's a pretty large area and we will be down there most of the time. They also won't be able to bother any company that comes over (unless they go downstairs). This is important to me because some people are allergic or just don't want a cat all up in their business.

New Windows - The windows in our condo don't even open! Talk about feeling claustrophobic! They are the worst ever! You can even feel cold air coming through them in the winter. I am so excited to open all of my windows in my new house on a nice windy day. There's nothing like fresh air to cheer you up!

Media Room - We aren't having RH finish our media room. My husband doesn't think it's big enough so he will be doing it himself or hiring someone else to so that he can extend it more into the storage area. The media room is the only request he had when looking at houses. He's easy to please! I just hope we don't have to wait too long to tackle that project.

Home Audio - We are having Guardian put in two sets of two speakers in our ceilings. Two on the first floor and two on the second so that we can play music throughout the house. I'm really excited about this. My husband and I both love listening to music - especially when we are cleaning. I already have visions in my head of us dancing and sliding around on our new hardwood floors to the music.

HUGE luxury owner's suite - Our current bedroom has a king size bed and two dressers in it. It is so cramped and we trip over each other when trying to move around it. Our new bedroom will be so big that it has french doors leading into it! We could walk side-by-side and still fit! We will also have our own separate walk-in closets!!

HUGE luxury owner's bathroom - Our bathroom will also have french doors! We will have a stand-up shower, soaking tub, and DOUBLE VANITIES! Our current "master bathroom" is a joke. It has a small vanity that is right next to the toilet that is right next to the shower/tub. It's so difficult getting ready in there alone, let alone together. Also, if someone is using the toilet, the other person can't get ready. Our new master bathroom will have a separate room for the toilet!

NEW Everything! - Everything will be clean and shiny and only used by us! We won't have to worry about appliances or our heater breaking - at least not for a long time (I hope!) Everything will be new new new! Our condo is 40 years old. I have no idea how many people have lived here. No matter how much we clean it, it never really feels clean. Know what I mean? There's always something that needs fixed or replaced. The whole place is just way out of date - minus some of the upgrades we have done ourselves. We try to make it feel like a home as much as we can. I've just never been that attached to it. We have lived here for almost 6 years and I never even bothered to decorate it that much. I'm sure when it comes time to move, I will feel a little more sentimental. This is the first and only place I have lived with my husband. We lived here when we were dating, when we got engaged, and when we got married. This was my home while my husband was deployed and off to military schools. Ok...now I'm starting to feel bad for talking trash about our condo, lol.

I'm sure I could think of so much more to be thankful for about our new house. I just can't wait until they start building it so I can at least be excited about taking pictures of the process. For now, I am just sitting here dreaming about all of the things I listed above.

What are you guys most excited about for your new home?


  1. We feel your pain! We had our Pre-Construction Meeting 2 weeks ago and we too are waiting to hear when they will break ground. We were told 3-4 weeks...ugh!

    1. We haven't even had our pre-construction meeting yet :( They have us scheduled for the meeting for the same week they are breaking ground.

  2. I think we'll be in your boat shortly. Our selections are made and we just got our build date: May 30. So lots of waiting too.

    I'm definitely excited about some of the same things you are. This will be my third home purchase -- but the first with a garage. Crazy, but true. Also the first one built after 1940. So, I'm super excited about things like functional windows and HVAC that actually works. And I can not wait to host Thanksgiving with those double ovens and all that space. 24 for dinner? Bring it on! ;)

    Hope these next 22 days fly by!

  3. I think youve hit the nail on the head for all of us real first time owners, all of your gains (and pains) Im sure sound very familiar to all of us...yay!

  4. The finished basement and the Media Room were the only two requirements that I had while looking for a house. Didn't find any house with both the options. I learnt that both are new trends in the area where we are building.

    Last week, we had our pre-construction and they will start the construction from next week. Our wait time is little lesser compared to yours.

    Some websites offer tools to plan interior decoration and furniture settings. You can enroll theere and design your plan and play around with the colors and the furnitures. Sorry I don't remember any websites to refer to you. You can find easily on Google.

  5. You can think or look for the things that you might need when it is complete like wall colors. Just go to Home Depot or Lowes and look at the color samples and get some ideas. I think that is what I will be doing and looking for other things :-)

  6. I have been doing A LOT of shopping for my new home online! I have racked up quite a bill, lol! I have already picked out a refrigerator, washer & dryer, blinds, a dehumidifier for the basement, and ceiling fans for the three guest bedrooms. I'm having a hard time finding fans I like enough for the master bedroom, great room, and morning room. I've even picked out a paint color and some cabinets for my laundry room. That is the only room I will be painting for the first year since I know I won't want to pull out the washer and dryer to paint it later. I've also racked up quite a wish list of kitchen gadgets on Bed Bath & Beyond's website.

    I've even picked out new carpet for our condo so we will be tearing it all out when we move. I've been researching other ways to fix our condo up as well.

    I've been keeping busy. Can you tell? How much more damage could I possibly do in the next three months? ;)

  7. This list is amazing!! It definitely captures most of my thoughts too, especially the small condo part to the new, big house! We have been in a 2 bedroom apartment for 4 years and I want out!!!! It was fine for my husband & I for 3 years, but when we had our daughter last May it shrunk overnight. I can't even fathom owning a four bedroom, 2 & 1/2 bathroom house. I actually cried the night we decided to build. I can NOT wait until August!!!!!

    Excited to follow your progress!!! The Yorkshire looks beautiful!