Friday, April 20, 2012

Earth Day

I just wanted to let everyone know that Earth Day is April 22nd. Most stores have energy efficient appliances on sale. I went to Best Buy last night and they are up to 25% off!

I didn't get to buy any appliances though. I couldn't justify buying my refrigerator and washer and dryer this early -- Even though I would have saved $600 on the W&D pair and $500 on the fridge! Where would I even put them? Not to mention that our mortgage rep told us not to make any large purchases between the time we were approved and the time we close. Boo! At least I can still dream about my new appliances. I have already picked them out!

The Fridge is from GE. It has French-doors and has an ice & water dispenser in the door . I picked GE because I want all of my appliances to match. I was looking at a GE Profile fridge but the sales guy at Best Buy told me that the Profiles have a gold tint to them so they wouldn't match my other appliances! He just saved me a huge headache! He also said that this model is actually getting discontinued next week. He said the new one will basically be the same but the icemaker will be inside the door and will take up less space! I guess there is a benefit to waiting.

Aren't the washer and dryer beautiful?!?

LG Front-loaders in Graphite Steel w/pedestals

On a different note, has anyone picked out a dehumidifier yet? We were told that we should put a dehumidifier in our basement and connect it to the sump pump for at least the first year. They said since the basement walls are poured, we would need the dehumidifier to get rid of the extra moisture. I know NOTHING about dehumidifiers. I did find one that I like -- lets be honest, I picked it out because I think it's pretty, lol! I know enough to get one that is big enough to handle the square feet in our basement. Other than that, does anyone have any advice on picking one out?

Here is the one I have my eye on so far:

Here's the link to it:


  1. I believe we have a Soleus from Lowes, and I love it! It makes a huge difference in our current basement. Makes it warmer-just moves the air around more down in the basement. My son currently lives there and agrees.

  2. Just make sure you get a dehumidifier that allows you to attach a hose. I've got a cheap one in my current house that we got at Sears a few years back. You hook the hose up to drain into the sump or floor drain and you never have to worry about it. Some older styles have only a drip pain that you have to manually empty from time to time -- totally pain!

    Also, love the fridge choice. French door fridges rock!

    1. I definitely picked one with a hose! I know I would never remember to empty a drip pan!

  3. Do you remember what model it was that is getting discontinued..?At least I will be aware of what not to look for.

    I love the washer and dryer pair, I was thinking of stainless steel ones, now I know of like Graphite steel ones as well...Good Picks

    1. It's not really getting discontinued, just updated. It might even be the whole GE line because he told me that about both fridges I was looking at. I'm pretty sure these are the two model numbers: GFSS6KKYSS & PFSS2MJYSS.