Friday, September 7, 2012

Shower Door & Big Window Woes Continue

For those of you who have been following my blog for a while now, you might remember the shower door debacle we had last month. You can read the original blog entry We Lost the Shower Door Debate and I'm Angry and then the follow up one 50/50.  Just a short recap - we were told by our SR that we would have a swinging shower door in our master bath but a sliding one was installed instead. We debated back and forth with the production team on this topic. They said they only offer the swinging door when you get a custom tile shower. We did not want tile, because I hate it, but our SR told us that our upgraded master bath would come with the swinging door either way. My husband and I both vividly remember this conversation with her. She is currently on maternity leave so they couldn't even check with her to confirm. We made a huge deal out of this because we hate sliding doors in the shower. We had one in our condo and we were really looking forward to having the swinging door in our new home. We worked out a deal with RH where they would pay for half of our swinging door - since they are not admitting any fault. Part of my thinks they didn't even believe us when we told them that it was our SR that told us we would be getting a swinging door.

Fast forward to today. Our shower was measured for our new door the week before we closed on the house. It has been a month since we moved in and our new swinging door was scheduled to be installed today. The installer was super nice. He took our sliding door out, installed the stationary panel and then realized that the actual door is too big to fit the space. SERIOUSLY?!? We waited a month and now we still don't have our door?!? Our original door was already taken out and the stationary panel put in so now we have to use the shower down the hall until they MAKE a new door and then schedule again to have someone come out and install it. We won't even know until early next week when they can have the door done by. If they make us wait another month with our shower literally torn apart....I might actually lose my mind.

We also thought our big window in our two-story foyer was getting replaced today. It has a scratch so they have to replace the whole window. We received a call from Plygem yesterday and apparently they didn't schedule us for today? My husband remembers calling and scheduling it several weeks back. The lady on the phone wasn't very nice to me so I got snappy back with her. She said my husband told her what the most convenient time for him was but that it wasn't officially scheduled. She said she could have it done next Thursday but when my husband called to schedule, he told her that Tuesdays and Fridays are the only days that work for us. He works from home on those two days and he will NOT be taking time off work on another day to deal with a mistake that wasn't ours to begin with. Apparently they don't care what the most convenient time is for us so why did they even bother to ask and then take three weeks to tell us that didn't work for them? My PM said that if Plygem doesn't call me back by Monday, that he would call them and take care of it. If I have to give a key to the house to my PM so that he can be here while they change the windows out, then so be it. I just want it fixed.

I seriously love my Ryan Home, but it seems that what can go wrong has gone wrong.

On a good note, our sod is getting installed right now. It is totally brown but I'm hoping it turns green quick like the our neighbor's across the street. It's also supposed to rain tonight and tomorrow so we don't have to worry about watering it until we get our sprinkler system in!


  1. Wow, how incredibly frustrating on both counts! I hope they can make the shower door quickly and that Plygem gets the window replaced soon. At least the rain is working in your favor!

  2. WOW ...sorry to hear that Plygem was rude...note to self when the time comes to replace these windows years from now...I'm calling Anderson or Pella. I'm glad to hear that your sod is being put down! I'm sure it will be nice to finally have a lawn! Regarding the shower dooe how hard can it really be to measure an opening for a door? Sounds like the shower enclosure people were not paying attention.

  3. I completely know what your talking about when Ryan promised one thing and then you get another.... We are halfway through our build and we have debated with them on several issues now!! Huh! Sorry about your frustration!!

  4. Our sod was totally brown too! The house right next to us had sod several weeks ago and it was so green. We wondered why and asked the PM about it and he said it was because of no rain. We haven't had much rain all summer and aren't the companies who sell the sod suppose to insure its watered and green?