Thursday, August 2, 2012

We Lost the Shower Door Debate and I'm Angry

I mentioned in an earlier post that the wrong shower door was installed in our master bathroom. We were told by our SR that our bathroom came with a swinging door instead of a sliding one. Upon our visit last Saturday, we discovered that a sliding door was installed. To say I flipped out would be an understatement. My PM is on vacation this whole week and my SR is on maternity leave so I felt even more frustrated because I felt like I had no one to call. I decided to e-mail my PM anyway. I also texted my "old" PM who is no longer in charge of our community. My new PM said that my "old" PM would be my new point of contact while he was on vacation. Turns out that isn't true. It is yet another PM! I will refer to my stand in PM as PMA, since his first name starts with an A. Confusing? I know!

So I get a call from my "old" PM on Monday. He says that they install sliding doors when you get the fiberglass surround shower. He said the only way to get the custom swinging door is to get the custom tile shower with the bench. SERIOUSLY?!?! We got the fiberglass, not because we are cheap, but because I HATE TILE! Sure, tile looks nice but I hate cleaning it! I am 100% sure that our SR told us we would be getting a swinging shower door. Even my husband remembers her saying so. I also know that I told her how much I hate tile when I told her that we wanted the fiberglass. Well, my "old" PM said he would call around and see about getting a swinging door for us. He called several places and it turns out that this door costs $600. It is a custom door. They would have to come out to the house and measure for it and make one that fits our shower. Apparently Ryan Homes isn't willing to pay for this door, even though we were told by our SR that this is what we were getting. I know my "old" PM spoke to his boss about it too. Apparently everyone is in on this crisis. All three PMs and their boss.

We were mislead by a Ryan Homes employee and they are still not willing to help us out. If my SR had given us the correct information in the first place, we would have submitted a non-standard request for the swinging door and we would have gladly paid for it. It would have conveniently been rolled up into our mortgage. We upgraded just about everything else! Now we are either stuck with the sliding door that we both HATE WITH A PASSION or we are stuck paying $600 out of pocket. This whole situation sounds shady to me. Just like a bait and switch. Sure, our SR mislead us in the beginning, but now it is someone else's boss who could make this situation right and he isn't. I guess this is why Ryan Homes has us fill out surveys about our experience. This will definitely be mentioned.

I was also going to write about our trip out to the house yesterday and show some pictures. Now I'm just too pissed off. I'll save that for tomorrow instead. But I will leave you with a picture of the shower door that I hate so much.


  1. Had a similar situation. Put it on your survey. Believe me, someone DOES read them. They want to make sure you're happy.

  2. I know it stinks to have to pay for the door yourself...but I wonder if you could get a better deal on a door from Lowes or Home Depot

  3. Stick to your guns! I sure hope things work out the way you want them to so you will be happy in your new home!

  4. Similar with us with the stairs, nothing but I' m sorry. Compromise and customer service would have helped soothe the situation. Share the cost or something for you to get the door you want. Good idea it may be cost worthy to see if Lowes or Home Depot could do it for less.

  5. I'm sorry for your frustration. My question is I don't understand why everything is custom when it comes to something that they typically don't offer. My steps were supposedly "custom" but they're able to accomodate and gave it to me at the orginial price they quoted. I think sometimes they just don't want to make a change because it may be a hassle. So, I think suggesting that you find the door, they install and pay for some of the door is a fair compromise. I hope it works out. Try to keep focused on the fact you're near the end and you have a beautiful new home too.

  6. Sorry this situation has gotten this far!! That's just awful. I KNOW this is no consolation right now, but I think the doors in the pic look amazing. I know-I know-not what you want to hear. I do hope you are able to get the situation rectified-I get that RHs should follow through on what they said, and I also get that the company doesn't want to foot the 600$ bill. It's a tough one...keep us posted!

  7. I had something somewhat similar. During the time of selecting upgrades, we were told the master bathroom tile upgrade was just for the tile. I didn't think it was worth $2,000 for tile. At the pre-construction meeting we fould that no, that's not all you get in that option. It also included the glass shower door. What do I get? A rod and shower curtain. I would have loved for the glass so I don't feel claustrophobic showering.
    Look on the bright side, you won't be paying interest on your swinging door, and you'll get a way better deal than what Ryan Homes was going to charge. It's awful, not only that they bounce you around from PM to PM, but also not even willing to work with you.

    1. I wrote an updated post. They ended up meeting us half way and will be paying fir half of the door. That's better than nothing! It's crazy being bounced from PM to PM but at least they have all been super nice and helpful. I can't believe you got a shower rod instead of a glass door in your master bath! I have never heard of that happening or even being an option! That's awful! You can have my glass door if you want it! You would still need the part it hooks on to though because they can apparently install our swinging door to what's already installed for the slider.