Monday, August 6, 2012

Officially Homeowners!

Well, my husband already owns our condo but this house is a first for me!

We had our final walk-through today at noon. I didn't take nearly as many pictures as I should have. I don't know about the rest of you, but I sure am getting tired of taking pictures!! I figured I can get more when we actually get the keys. We didn't notice anything major during the walk-through. There were a bunch of spots that will need paint touch-ups. My PM already had the painters scheduled for tomorrow because he noticed a bunch too. There is a scratch on the back of our island but the piece has already been ordered for replacement. Our house also already had it's first nail pop. Of course it's up high in the two-story foyer. Hopefully they can get someone up there to fix it. I don't want to have to look at it until our 10-month inspection, which is when they fix nail pops, especially since it was there before we closed. Also, the window in our two-story foyer was pretty dirty. I pointed it out to the PM and hopefully he gets it taken care of. I don't know how the cleaning crew would have even attempted to clean it since it's so high. I'm sure they don't carry ladders around with them. The brick on the front of the house hasn't been washed yet and some of our shutters are muddy. The dumpster was also still sitting on our front yard. Hopefully all of these things can be taken care of soon. As I mentioned in an earlier entry, we won't be getting our sod for a few weeks. We requested to have it installed when the two houses across the street get their's. This way we won't have to worry about watering it while we are trying to move and unpack. Also, the temperatures are supposed to be pretty high for a while so hopefully it will cool off later in the month.

Closing was at 2:30pm. I'm not sure why, but I thought there would be a lot more people at closing. It was just my husband and I and the rep from the title agency. It took about an hour to sign everything. She explained each page as we went. We will be getting our keys tomorrow as long as the last inspection passes. We also have to wait for the check to clear the bank and for the mortgage documents to be filed. The agent at the title company thought I was funny because I wanted pictures of us signing our documents! I would have thought that a lot of people do that! She said I was the first in a long time. Interesting! I wanted a picture of one of the biggest moments of our lives! Here they are!

So exciting!

The rest of these pictures are just random ones I took after the walk-through. I realized I didn't take any of the entire basement, the master bath, the study, or one of the whole kitchen. I will post more after we move in!

Morning room

Family room

Double oven!!

I love how the cooktop looks on the black granite!


All of the lower cabinets have these pull-out shelves!

Upgraded pull-out faucet. I had to test it out!

1st Floor Powder room

Close-up of the cooktop!

Laundry room. We had the shelve removed so we can install cabinets instead

Formal dining room.

I love these handles! So awesome that RH uses handles instead of knobs!

Food pantry

Garage door opener

Stairs leading to the second floor

Looking in the master bedroom from the doorway. The two open doors on the right are our walk-in closets.

One side of one of the walk-in closets

Other side of one of the walk-in closets. Love the shelving!

Hall bathroom

Linen closet
Bedroom #2

Bedroom #3
Bedroom #4. It's so hard to photograph the bedrooms!

Controls for the ceiling speakers

Water closet in the master bath

Linen closet in the master bath

One of the two lights flanking the front door. 

Of of the two coach  lights on the garage.

Our lampost. Apparently it's a solar light so it turns on automatically!

Light on the outside of the garage service door.


  1. Congratulations !!! your house is incredible!

  2. Amazing!!! Congratulations - your home is just beautiful. Love, love, love those tray ceilings.

  3. Congratulations! I love the closing pictures! Your kitchen, wood floors and fireplace are gorgeous!

  4. How exciting! I don't blame you for wanting pictures of you both signing the paperwork. I would have thought more people would want pictures of that too. Congrats!!

  5. Did you go with another mortgage besides NVR? Was that the reason you couldn't get your keys at the table.

    1. We used NVR. Apparently they just don't give you the keys right away. They have to wait for the check to clear the bank and they file their paperwork first. Our SR told us from the beginning that we would not be getting them on the same day. She said some people who close very early in the morning sometimes get their's on the same day but it's rare.

  6. Congratulations! Yea! So happy for you. When is the big move day?

    1. Movers are scheduled for tomorrow but we hope to get the keys today and spend our first night tonight! The movers are only moving our furniture so we will start moving boxes today!

  7. Looks amazing, and very familiar at the same time :-) Enjoy. Moving is hectic.

  8. SO happy for you guys! I love the signing photos. :)

  9. I love your appliances! They must be an upgrade, bc we just get the typical GE, not profile. Everything looks amazing. I bet you will be busy for awhile, but post some after pics eventually. :)

  10. It looks really good! Congrats!! :)

  11. Congrats! It turned out absolutely gorgeous!!! I love your hardwoods :o)

  12. Everything looks amazing... congrats and good luck with moving/unpacking!

  13. Congrats!!! Such a beautiful home!!

  14. Congratulations! It turned out so awesome!

  15. Congratulations! The house looks beautiful.

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  17. Congratulations! You have a beautiful home.